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September 10, 1999

New news format...
Welcome to our new contents page format. On this page we will have new news postings... hopefully daily.

Please hang on while we work out the bugs, and refine the presentation.

This n' That
Well, many of you may have noticed that we no longer have our "hosted by" notice on the bottom of our pages now.

Our site had been hosted with Frontier GlobalCenter internet services for the last few years and they recently phased out their hosting program.

Unfortunately this left us moving to a new home, which we have successfully migrated to. The down-side is that now we running with a bit less band-width at our disposal. The up-side is that we now have web site logs! (logging was disable at Frontier's server almost two years ago due to poor server configuration, so we never knew how much traffic we were getting)

The other bonus is that our new location allows us access to server-side CGI programming. (This means cool stuff that we've wanted to do for some time can finally be rolled outů ie, this page)

What was our surprise in all of this? Well, that fact that this site seems to be getting 1000+ user sessions each day! WOW!

Bryan aka R.I.P. -- Co-Editor

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