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September 12, 1999

A sad day for NEC fans
Well, Yahoo Daily News recently ran an article about financial problems within NEC. Apparently it has been so bad that NEC posted a consolidated net loss of 157.95 billion yen for the fiscal year which ended on March 31 (that's about 1.5 billion US dollars by today's rates).

Part of their solution to resolve these loses is to lay off approximately 15,000 people over the next three years and liquidate unprofitable divisions. As a result of this, the most recent announcement has been that they will be selling off their NEC Home Electronics Ltd. unit that manufactures lighting equipment, computer monitors and projectors. They also were responsible for the well known PC-Engine (aka Turbo-Grafx in the US), and PC-FX console systems. What this restructuring means for their PC products and PowerVR video products remains to be seen.

Dreamcast Open Ports
Not quite what you might think. On September 11th, word broke over on Slashdot about someone who TCP/IP port-scanned their Dreamcast, only to find that several ports respond.

They are:
  23 open tcp telnet
  80 filtered tcp http
  113 open tcp auth
  179 open tcp bgp
  12345 filtered tcp NetBus
  12346 filtered tcp NetBus

Better yet, port 23 seems to be running an active deamon that when telneted into, it queries the user for a log-in!

Go figure...

note... this item updated: Well, it seems that afterall, this was a hoax. See the above link for more info. If we find out anything new, it will be posted here.

Failing Dreamcast CDs
Well, the word is that if you've purchased a new Dreamcast or are thinking about doing so, be aware that some of the CDs that were shipped have been found to be defective. If you suspect this is the case, call the dealer you purchased your system from, and they will be more than happy to help you out.

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