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September 18, 1999

Follow-up on Amiga
Well, Thomas J. Schmidt, President and CEO Amiga, Inc., is now making one of the lamest attempts at backpedaling that I have seen in years. First, on the 14th (local copy of text), he presents us with one of the most offensive statements I can recall seeing in many years, not only alienating probably every Amiga users from his company instantly, but also clearly setting the stage for these same people to become advocates against his parent company, Gateway computers.

Second, he follows it up with a new message on the 17th (local copy of text). You can make your own conclusions. As for me I will be actively telling anyone and everyone I know not to ever purchase another product from Gateway. Yes, from here on out, I am personally following a complete boycott on Gateway products, and I recommend you do the same.

It's one thing to produce vaporware, and bogus product announcements, but to actively rejuvenate an impassioned community around the promise of a new product release, only to tell them that it was all a fantasy, and that those very prospective customers don't understand what there own passion is about. ...To hell with Mr. Schmidt, I say. To hell with him.

I apologize for my harsh words on this subject, and some of you may write me off as fanatical, but I've seen the power of well done computer technology and had honestly believed that Gateway would stay true to the Amiga product-line. It is clear that this vision is totally unavailable to the current management at Amiga and Gateway for allowing these events to transpire as they have.

Unfortunately for me, I currently own a Gateway laptop, and if it wasn't for the fact I can't afford to replace the system I would dump it in the trash today.


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