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September 20, 1999

Awesome product...
If you own any CDs, I must encourage you to buy some "WipeOut! CD Repair Kit". They claim on their packaging that it will remove scratches and eliminates skipping on all forms of CDs. Well, I've managed to pile up quite a few CDs and some of them have been scratched over the years. But even so, I really wanted to put this stuff to the test.

So, I made a trip down to a local video game store in town here and found the most scratched up used CD I could get my hands on. It turned out being Starblade for the 3DO. In fact it was so badly scuffed, we joked that someone must have been using it to buff their car with it.

First things first, we wanted to determine if the CD was even playable, so I placed it into our 3DO and sure enough, I couldn't even get the system to recognize that there was even a disc in the machine.

Next I opened up the WipeOut package. They give you a bottle of solution and a buffing cloth. It was all pretty simple, a little bit of solution and a little bit of firm buffing on the CD, and presto, I was really impressed. All of the surface scratches were gone. Fortunately there were none so deep as to puncture the metal on the CD... not even this stuff can repair that.

Then I plopped the game back into the system and blammo! Works like a charm now.

Sure this was an extreme example, but seriously, this stuff really works and is worth buying just to have some on hand. The company that makes the "WipeOut CD Repair Kit" (Esprit Development Corporation) can be reached via their web site at:, or write them at


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