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January 2, 2000

Re: Atari Jaguar (reader mail)
"I beg to differ on most of your articles and reviews concerning the atari jaguar. I wouldnt be surprised if you even played half of the games you reviewed, because some of the statements you made were pretty lame. It also wouldnt surprise me if some japanese company were giving you extra money just to bash an american made game system. You guys are really pitiful."

Dear Allen,
Everyone here stands behind their opinions 100% on any of the reviews, and every game reviewed has been played extensively, if not solved. In fact, with rare exception, we actually possess each of the Jaguar games reviewed on this site.

If you have a problem with a review, write us with your challenge and if it was my review, I'll answer to your concerns directly. If it is one of the other writers, I'll ask them to reply to you as well.

I don't know what you've read in specific, but I think on the overall we were pretty fair to every game we reviewed.


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