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January 8, 2000

Cache of old reviews found...
Well, I was going through some old documents recently and stumbled across about 25 reviews dating from around 1996 that had never been published. So, I went ahead and tossed them up into the Final Word reviews area. This batch of reviews includes several Virtual Boy games, as well as a number of Saturn and early PlayStation releases. Enjoy!

I know that there are probably another 20-30 reviews from 92'-94' that were not published. They had been left out of the print magazine (hence they never got migrated to the web site originally) due to the printing restriction (eg, cost!) of how many pages we had to work with in those days. If I can track down the review logs from then I'll get them typed up and posted as well.

On another note, I've been inspired lately and am in the progress of writing up a "Future of Video Gaming" article. This article, unlike most of the spew seen about the web over the last few months, will include a historical perspective as well as an easy to read analysis of the industry as it is today. I believe these factors are important to grasp before one can accurately understand where the industry is going in the future.



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