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February 2, 2000

Thanks for the e-mails.
Thank you to everyone who wrote in with your comments over the last couple of weeks, I'm still trying to write everyone back, but below you can see an example of some of the mail we have received.

I really enjoyed your article, and agree that there are problems! I have faith that as the consuming public becomes better educated (by experience), product quality will have to improve.

You've touched on it, but one thing that might be worth while to examine is the whole mentality of "Games for Gamers, by Gamers". I don't know if you remember those paper war games that used to be popular, by Avalon Hill for example? They started off simple (and fun) but swiftly became ridiculously complex exercises in book keeping, until only the hardest of gamers could play them. I find that the game industry is far to parochial, and it's products won't ever sell mega millions because theyappeal only to "groignards". Even I'm getting turned off by the complexity and amount of time that needs to be "invested" in some games.

Thanks for listening to my 2 cents,


Thank-you for writing. Actually I currently am planning to touch upon the "games for gamers, by gamers" subject in a future part of the article. I am fully aware of your statement though. I used to be an avid AD&D player when I was younger, but when the DMs started including complexity roles to determine "just what part of the upper-arm you hit" back in the late '80s, I found I was spending more time playing stats than vacationing in a fantasy.

As for your first comment, not to be to down on the consuming public, but what you're talking about may very well take another 20 years at this rate, if ever. Just look how long it has taken to get a *small* amount of the population to quit thinking "animated movies are only for kids".


General update...
Nothing major, just the regular comic update this week. For those of you looking for Part 2 of the article on the console gaming, it will be a few more days. I lost a lot of time to a bad bout with the flu, and while I'm feeling better now, I've got a lot of catch up to get done. Right now, I'm shooting to have it live by next Monday (the 7th).


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