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September 1, 2000

Comics, shrines, and stuff...

Apologies for the appalling lack of updates to this page over the last few months. Unfortunately I don't know when I will be updating this page again, but I hope it is soon.

As for things that are being updated... Some of you may have noticed that Dr. Otto has been doing his comic strip three times a week now. If you haven't seen it already, please check out The Polymer City Chronicles with Dr.Otto and Andrah in our "Featured Comics" section. New episodes are generally posted M/W/F.

In other news, we're finally bringing onboard, hosting of the infamous "Mean Screens" archive, formerly of "". Mean Screens is a "Game girl screenshot" archive. No nudity, just actually screen shots of females from various games, as well as some concept art for the characters from companies, such as... Capcom, SNK, etc... (content is being migrated even as this is written and should be completely in place within a few days of this news posting.)

We hope you enjoy!


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