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November 1, 2005

e-mail to: Evan Morris

remember SACDs?
remember how sony was going to make cds obsolete with super audio cds? remember how there was going to be this big drawn out war over the next audio format between SACD and DVD-Audio? does anyone remember how the DCC (digital compact casette) was going to be the standard in your living room instead of DAT?
this whole upheaval over Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD reminds me of those irrelevant formats.
most us homes don't even have dvd players yet. sure, the adoption has been much faster than that of compact disc, but you couldn't buy a compact disc player for under $30 within two years of its widespread release.
sony knew that you wanted Beta, so why did everyone adopt VHS? this whole nonsense over "next generation" formats is mostly acedemic. and, since almost no one owns an hdtv, why would anyone want to spend at least $20 more for a disc when the difference isn't even discernable on a regular television set?
i think sony has had to put more formats in the grave than any media corporation that i'm aware of.
people think that the ps3 is going to drive blu-ray into the home just like the ps2 drove dvd into the living room. but, people didn't get this trojan horse for the expansion of dvd media when they bought a ps2--most people bought a ps2 because it cost just a bit more than a regular dvd player at the time.
and ken kuturagi, don't even get me started on this character! i think he's starting to believe his own bullshit! i'm just going to leave it at that...

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