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November 5, 2005

e-mail to: Evan Morris

the macintosh is a toy computer
i can now say, with one hundred and a million percent certainty, that i will never ever (never!) purchase a macintosh computer.
os x is cool when you read about it. it's fantastic when a salesman tells you all about it. i mean, it's steve jobs's baby--what could go wrong? well, the problem starts when you actually start using it and i can't put my finger on one specific thing that i hate about it...just that i hate it utterly and completely.
and, you know what, all the graphics are awesome...they sure do look great. but, the macintosh is a place that i would have liked to visit...not lived on for the past week. and, this is the computer i'm going to be using exclusively. os x doesn't fade into the background and just function while you're trying to work with it: it's always in your face because of the super stylized interface and the interface seems like it's specifically NOT WINDOWS for the sake of not looking like windows--not because of any enhanced functionality. the interface graphics are so over the top in their plastic-y three dimensionally rendered and gratuitously shadowed representations that they make my brain hurt just to look at them.
and the mac graphics are great--when they're stationary. i mean, a mac can't even hold a half burnt out tea candle to the high end real-time rendering ability of a tricked out pc...and that's the way it's always gonna be. and the rabid mac lovers can whine and complain that the cutting edge pc hardware just isn't available for the mac yet. but, isn't that the point? the cutting edge graphics hardware simply isn't available for the mac.
personally, i just keep it simple and use my pc for computer things and my xbox and ps2 for games. it's much less of a headache that way.

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