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November 9, 2005

e-mail to: Evan Morris

games shouldn't cost more than $30
back in the days of vhs, paramount ruffled just about everyone's tail feather when they designated that the hunt for red october would have a retail price of $129.99.
now, this wasn't the retail price in the sense that they expected joe blow consumer to go out and buy was a different time and this was the price that they charged video rental shops.
those newest of the new releases, even in the waning days of vhs, cost blockbuster somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 apiece.
my point is, with all the bitching about prices of games these days and the qualifications coming from the likes of electronic arts concerning how huge the production costs of games are gonna be for the new generation of systems, why not rent? i mean, i didn't buy a vhs tape for fifty or sixty dollars...and almost none of the games that are released these days are any good anyway.
fifty bucks is a lot for a piece of entertainment...and one that's probably gonna suck.

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