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November 13, 2005

e-mail to: Evan Morris

apple's own worst enemy, part two
so apple snubs sony...
the rumors flying around in my head were thrown into fast forward when steve jobs said to the president of sony japan, "who knows, maybe we'll even work together on computers."
i had had it sitting in the back of my mind that a marriage between apple and sony would be perfect considering that the cell chip was based on powerpc processor technology.
sony and apple could have taken over the world of household computers. ipod+sony+ps3+apple could have revolutionized home entertainment. blu-ray would instantly be the standard. cell based apples would interface with the cell based playstation 3. but that really isn't the point. the point is that the enormous japanese media and technology conglomerate and the only american threat to microsoft would have been an unstoppable combination.
when i was in training for my new job, i said that "i'm not going to go so far as to call jobs megalomaniacal..." and let's just say that my instructor didn't decline to comment.
i would love to meet steve jobs. i've driven past apple headquarters out in silicon valley...remember silicon valley? steve jobs has conquered everything a human could want to accomplish. but, sometimes i think his recent business decisions have been influenced by a crushing need to be absolutely in control of everything his even just brushes into.
microsoft's think-tank of strategists must've gone out for sushi and karaoke the night it came out that steve jobs had been invited over to japan and snubbed ken kuturagi personally. at least, according to the press...

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