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November 20, 2005

e-mail to: Evan Morris

just like that
what does the collaboration between sun and google mean? how about some speculation, and thank you for asking.
some quick hypotheses: google will use the goodwill they've gained in the internet community to drive a solaris variant onto your desktop. i can see google offering opensolaris through its data pipes to anyone who would allow them to setup a small partition on their hard drive. i mean, with google desktop being such a popular download, and google earth being so interesting, who wouldn't let google suggest a possible alternative to windows that wouldn't wreck their windows system? google has a fantastic window of opportunity with the apple/intel contract causing people to take a wait and see attitude towards the purchase of a macintosh, and the fact that vista won't be out on the market for another year.
i don't find it too hard to believe that google might have intentions of providing a new OS and bypassing microsoft entirely. i just assumed google would be offering a linux variant, but solaris is much much more interesting.
later that day...
and then i realize, after spending all afternoon learning OS X, that microsoft isn't exiting the personal computer stage anytime soon...and certainly won't accept being threatened. kids, we don't live in a communist society--great software is never free. the best programmers are usually the ones filling the highest paid coding jobs and we're reaping the rewards.
ever met these yellow dog microsoft haters? wait, that's a linux build, isn't it? soooory, i mean "distro."
and when did the internet bubble blow up again? whoever's blowing that bubble is busier than the glass artists at dank glass. ebay pays 3 billion for skype? you've got to be ***expletive deleted*** kidding me.
there's going to be a war, and i love google for what it does well, but i also love microsoft for everything they've done for the industry. all technology lovers owe microsoft a great debt.

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