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November 30, 2005

e-mail to: Evan Morris

nintendo, you need to ask yourself one question...
with the flagging sales of the gamecube, nintendo needs to come clean with itself on whether or not they should release twilight princess (the new legend of zelda) on their aging and increasingly irrelevant hardware, or hold it back for debut with the revolution.
would the release of twilight princess on the gamecube boost sales for that system? absolutely! but, is it going to matter when the 360 launced a good five months ahead of its release and the revolution is set to lauch less than eight months later?
wouldn't it make sense to move it to the revolution and position it as a launch title?
think about it: zelda on day one! i'd buy a revolution...but, i'm probably not going to buy a gamecube unless they come up with a package that comes with all the gc zeldas that have been released so far (including the limited edition re-releases).

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