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December 3, 2005

e-mail to: Evan Morris

jeff minter rides again
who knew what tempest 2000 on the atari jaguar would start?
sure, jeff minter had designed light synthesizers before. apple realized the allure of the light synth and coded the visualizer for itunes.
vlm (virtual light machine) on the jag cd was my first experience with minter's pet project (besides the algorithms in t2k), and i've loved the light synth ever since.
not to worry, though--microsoft is one-upping everyone and packing in quite a treat by the name of NEON in the xbox 360.
here's the history of the virtual light machine and its current iteration as NEON (360 firmware):
and, i still wish i would have remembered my personal copy of t2k when i met jeff at the first e3 in 1995...i had planned on bringing it for him to sign :(
read up and start begging for that 360!

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