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December 20, 2005

e-mail to: Evan Morris

Vista 360
now that microsoft has a manufacturing pipeline that can pump out hardware, something that was new to them back in 2001 when the xbox was the first actual pc machine microsoft sold under its banner, is it too much of a stretch to hope that they may manufacture a pc that ran vista based on the 360 architecture? i wouldn't imagine that it could be that difficult.
the sega terra drive, which was only released in japan, was a combination of the sega genesis and a pc. the only videogame system/computer hybrid that was released in america was the coleco ADAM which was mainly a colecovision with unique data tape drives slapped into an off white case. everyone talked about doing it: intellivision, atari, nintendo...everyone had grand plans for turning the video game machine into a full fledged computer. funny how the cabbage patch company was the only one to pull it off in america...and the ADAM was the first home machine to sport a version of dragon's lair!
with apple moving to intel and microsoft moving to a powerPC core for its flagship hardware...i just want microsoft to uncomplicate my life by releasing a complete machine. i don't mean that i want to play 360 games on a 360 computer, i just don't want to have to have the patience of a diamond cutter while cobbling together a beast of a machine to run vista. because the last time i tried to change a power supply in a computer i blew out all the lights in the microcenter i worked for. sometimes i think suggested machine specs are harder to understand than egyptian hieroglyphics.

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