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A small note about something which has suddenly become popular. Our Message Board, which I feared was D.O.A., seems to have been found by some EZBoard posters, who have started some discussion. We currently have about a dozen members, and I'm hoping this trend doesn't stop.

Please drop into today and claim your Avatar Name (there are literally thousands left, as it's a local Board, we just had someone join with the name Fire Mario). Who knows, in a few weeks maybe there won't be many left! :)

One of the members has expressed an interest in an Online Mario RPG, to be hosted on the Message Boards. I think it's a great idea, and if we get enough people to make it worthwhile, it's a go! You can get to the message boards, by following the link below.

The Mushroom Kingdom

In other news, SMBSS is not dead. It has been two weeks since the last official update, and mostly that is because of Summer, the dreaded time of year for video games. It's the Dry Season, as hardly any new games come out, and you have to make due with what you have, until Christmas. E3 always provides a boost, but once that news is covered, there's not much left until ethier a big game, or Christmas. In this case, Super Mario Sunshine launches in just two months, and I will be digging up as much information as possible, before the game ships. 

Also, I have been holding off on saying anything for a  very long time. But I feel the time has come to say this. It seems that MEGAByite, the original founder of SMBSS, simply will not be around too much, anymore. I've talked to him, and he cites work reasons, which are understandable. So from now on, I will be the Head Webmaster here at SMBSS; so if you have any questions or comments, -I- am the person to go to. Thanks all for your continued support of the site. :)


05/30/2002 - NulShock

We have two new pieces of SMBSS related wallpaper in the Media Mario Section, and another new review for you to peruse. Also, I have finally a found a place that lets you play Mario Bros. ONLINE! See the links above for all the goodness.

05/27/2002 - NulShock

The site was taken offline temporarily while I fixed several problems with the links, and the server storage. Everything's fine now, and SMBSS should be up to full speed!

WSMB Radio, has been taken off the site until further notice. We've had several problems with people saying it will not connect, and the old page is severely outdated. Until further notice, WSMB will be on the Back Burner.....however, it will NOT be forgotten!


Almost the end of May. SMBSS has just changed drastically. If you cannot see the changes, really, I should just shoot you. Heh. But seriously, take a gander (look) over to your left and say hello to the new Menu bar. Ya like that? It took the effort of an entire morning.

Yes, the font is different, but I think it's all for the better. Now you can read everything much more clearly, and, for those of you on dial-up, it's even smaller in size. This means faster page loads for those of us who aren't rich enough for broadband.

Did you know we had forums? Did you know there was a Poll? Did some of you even know we had a Radio station? Yes, a RADIO STATION. I bet you didn't, because, unfortunately it wasn't on that static menu bar, and you had to be looking directly on the page we put the text links on, to even see it. Now, you don't have to. There it is. :)

Also, before I get another surge of E-mails asking me where all our ROMs are. People, we DO NOT give out Mario games, ROMs for emulators or provide you with ANY way to play Mario games online. I'm sorry to sound rude about it, but recently I wrote my 300th e-mail on that very subject. I'm burned out on it. There IS a new Emulators section, but all it is, is Emulators. No ROMs. Just the software you need to play the ROMs, if you're lucky enough to own them.

05/12/2002 - NulShock

Again, he we are. Another site wide update. I came to realize that our choice of fonts was not consistent here at SMBSS, and probably was hurting your eyes since it seemed to change every other page. I've corrected over 75% of the site now, to use the same Font series. I've also moved some content, to make things faster and less confusing. My news page can now be found here on the main page, for starters.

I will be spending most of today getting things 100% here at the site, as they have not been for a little while, what with so much being added to the site since we took this above just a part-time hobby. I could make excuses about why updating's been slow lately, but I'd rather just say I'm sorry and try harder to get things up faster here in the future.

MEGAByite is still around. He just doesn't get to swing in here too much lately. Hopefully, I take up the slack. :)

03/07/2002 - NulShock

Another week's update! We have NEW information and pictures on the spectacular-looking Mario Sunshine, over in the Previews section! You'll also find new links in the Links section, including one to a cloned version of Super Mario Bros., that stars the South Park characters. This is a licensed piece of Freeware, and is NOT a ROM or its equivalent. A new piece of Fan Fiction has been submitted by Brett W., and is on display over in the Fan Center! There will indeed be some reviews as part of this week's update, but I will not have them up until later tonight, and possibly tomorrow evening, due to a major computer crash that wiped out all of my documents and Mario-related items. I'm glad for back-ups (sad to say, it wasn't a FULL back-up).

Also, don't forget to check out this week's Mailbag, done by yours truly, as MEGAByite is on vacation!




Hello all. NulShock here. You'll find three new reviews in the Reviews section. I'm busy trying to get more finished up. It will take awhile to fill the Reviews section up. You'll also find more games listed in the reviews, as I realized I was missing a few games in the Mario universe. If anyone would like to write reviews, and take full credit, please e-mail me a one-page review at nulshock@smbss.8m.com; and please remember, you must have good spelling or at least run the article through a spell-checker. Unreadable ones will not be accepted.



Well folks I had a bit more time to do some work on SMBSS.  Today you will notice if you listen to The Super Mario Bros. Radio Network (WSMB) a longer format with some additional celebrity endorsements to our station. So now its official WSMB is up running and problem free. I also added a new mailbag answering questions emailed to us in the last week. Check out the links page for some new links added and how you can link to us! Also for those Media Mario gurus you can now check out the new MIDI Library uploaded for some great old NES MIDIs! So that will do it for updates this week see you all later this week.

-Ta ta 
-Bye bye
-Much peace



Well not an update to the extent I wanted one to be.  I am sorry I did not have any time this week to upload the midi's as I promised.  However I have something for you Mario fans MUCH MUCH better!  WSMB is now online!!! YAY!  Thanks to the great guys at 'Zone Radio Network' we now have a live streaming station playing constant Mario related music from his video games, TV shows, even the soundtracks from the movies with cameos of the plumber himself in them like 'The Wizard' or 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie'.  Best part of WSMB is ANYONE can listen because of the low kbps rate anyone from 28.8 to T1 (like me =) Can listen in and surf the web while doing other task without a problem.  So go on guys check it out  and be sure to use the email form to send us your request!  

Happy Listening




Small update from me this week. You'll find two new reviews in the Reviews section of the site, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3; I will be adding anywhere from two to five reviews a week. So check back frequently. Other than that, I made some small changes around the site; things should be even tighter now. I've done some homework, and know that most of our visitors are coming from America Online. I have dial-up as well, so I try to remind Mega, who has a T1 connection, to keep things small for us poor modem suckers. :)



Hey guys not much of an update today.  We are having major problems with the opening of WSMB.  So we in turn managed to team up with 'Zone Radio Network' who will aid us in setting up an audio stream full of Mario music that you can actually tune into and listen while browsing the web.  Expect an update most likely on Thursday with hopefully a working WSMB - Super Mario Radio, an updated Mailbag (Keep Sending Them In!).  And a few other goodies.  By the way for those who already submitted a mailbag question.  You sure know how to make us think long and hard about a Mario related question.  =)  See you all later this week.




Hey pizanos MEGAbyite here with today's update!  We are very excited here at SMBSS to present to you WSMB - The Super Mario Bros. Super Station!  Super Mario Bros. Music 24/7.  Now you can listen to Mario music as you surf the web.  Everything from his games to the soundtracks to movies Mario had cameos in are included in the format of this station.  If anyone has a favorite song or audio file please feel free to send it via email so we may include it in our stations format.  staff@smbss.8m.com.  

Also while you are enjoying the sweet succulent sounds to Mario notice the new email forms scattered throughout the site and NO ADS!  Thats right Nulshock and I dug deep into our pockets to bring you better service, faster loading times, and a semi annual payment for lack of ads and more bandwidth.  SMBSS is surely on its way once again and is continually prospering.  Thanks to all those that emailed us last week.  Keep those questions flowing.  While you are at it if you have a question check out the mailbag!  Submit a question and get a response along with many other people!  Cheers!



02/16/2002 - Megabyite

Hey all Megabyite here but you can call me Mega!  Yep indeed I would like to welcome myself back to the webmaster community of SMBSS.  Now yes its true NulShock and I have done some talking and its time to get the show on the road with this pipe dream of ours.  First things first we all have to get Nul to stop calling me Cirrus.  That was a completely stupid alias I have not been called in the past two years!  ;) 

As you can see there is a new layout!  Yay!  Two years ago a new layout was promised which was the former main page layout but our lives took a different turn and the site was abandoned without being completed.  However a new look, more stable, and faster loading times were all taken into account so you 56K users may be a bit happier! 

As NulShock said yep updates are on the way and expect them on a regular basis.  I am back full time myself with an urge to continually strive to make the most unique Super Mario Bros. Site on the net.  So be sure to email us and tell us what you would like to see on the site.  Remember this is a Mario Bros. Fan site FOR the fan!  Enjoy.

OH also check out the new Mailbag section, and Mariology.  Mariology is all about Mario and his pals miscellaneous stuff that you may have totally forgotten.  Movies appearances, his creator, enemy list etc.  It will one day be very complex.  However check out the article I wrote in the Mariology section on the movie "The Wizard" talking about the movie and the success of Super Mario Bros. 3.  Got a question?  Check out our Mailbag section to see how you can be answered.  That's all for now later kiddies!

P.S. Enjoy the new improved, much easier to use email forms below and on the Mailbag page!  


02/12/2002 - NulShock

I am your site host and new webmaster, NulShock. I used to be a full-time member of SMBSS back in the day, but I left for a good while to do other things and just never got interested in returning. It is, after all, a lot of work to maintain a website day in and out.

However, Cirrus and I got to talking not too long ago, and he decided that the two of us had wasted enough time with this site, and we should both be running it at full-steam. I agreed. We had promised you, the Mario fan, alot of things we never delivered. I am very sorry for that.

This is the NEW Super Mario Bros. Super Site, and it is definitely improved. You won't see games two years old on the preview page anymore. In fact, if you go there right this moment, you'll find some nice information on MARIO SUNSHINE. How's that for a preview? The same can be said about all the content within the site. I spent three, yes three, full days updating and redoing the entire website. I hope it shows.

I will be running this website full-time from now on. Expect weekly, if not bi-daily, updates on my part. Cirrus is back too. He will not be around as much as I am, but he WILL be here full-time, and be doing updates, reviews and other fun things. Maybe it's time for another Miss Mushroom Kingdom contest, eh? :)

No broken promises this time, Mario fans. The Super Mario Bros. Super Site is ready to earn your bookmark.

- NulShock


Well another update has come. Oh and thanks to all for sending me your fan fiction. It has been included in the site. I added some more links and posted the results of Miss Mushroom Kingdom contest. Other then that sorry for the stupid pop up poll. I know just as most of you know that most people do not like them. Well rest assured that I am trying to fix that. Oh and please keep joining Club Mario. I have been working very hard the past month in updating SMBSS. A totally new look is coming June 12th 2000 for SMBSS. This will be much faster, nicer looking, and of course packed with much more Mario information. Oh and I have changed my identity to Cirrus Skyy. Feel free to AIM me at this screen name. Other than that be on the look out for more previews, reviews, and coming soon the Nintendo Tournament will be stopping by SMBSS. Basically this involves a lot of Nintendo characters in which you chose who shall go on. This will allow us to see who is the best Nintendo character of all time GO MARIO!!! Ok enough blabber for today. Just be sure to be on the look out for June 12th. Tell all your friends!!!


Another update and another celebration. SMBSS is proud to say that we have just reached our 1000th hit. Yes and to celebrate SMBSS is proud to present Miss Mushroom Kingdom 2000. On the Main page just be sure to vote for the candidate whom you would like to see as Miss Mushroom Kingdom 2000. Results will be in a few weeks so be sure to stop by. Other then that things seem to be going great with Club Mario. I have added a link section so be sure to send us your links. And that seems to be it. Myself and my partner in crime now Winter Blue. (Guys be sure to yell at him for constantly changing his ISP) are teaming up to make a Zelda site as well. So SMBSS is going to be expanding into a vast network. Yet in the near future. Ok so the walls are up in this site now we just need to stock the shelves. I will be working very diligently to provide you the Mario fan with the utmost information on everything coming in the near future. So that is about it I will see you all later. Thanks to all for sending me fan mail about the site. I am trying to answer all of your questions on Mario yet I get very busy sometimes. Please join Club Mario and you can post any questions you have. All of the members will be more than glad to respond.  


Well in an effort to make you more aware of the updates that we have performed you have probably seen our new main page. That is basically it for now. Yet hark now for SMBSS is proud to present the first CLUB MARIO! Since we have been having allot of problems with the emulators and ROMS we decided to work around freeservers and make a club. Keep in mind this is for people who are TRUE Mario fans. We will have chat and you can talk to the "Mario Doctors" or our representatives from the Mushroom Kingdom on a weekly basis, and leave messages for other people on our message boards. This is to promote more interactivity for all in or site. Check it out and if you have problems with it then give me a holler. We at SMBSS like to thank you all for such a great first quarter of the year. Keep it up and remember this site is about you the fan.  


Well after our counter stopped showing hits and just showed 781 hits I thought that something was wrong. So I decided it was a good time to update the site. So we have got to have a couple 100 hits missing but that does not matter. I would like to thank everyone for emailing us in the past couple of days. Especially that guy from Magellan who keeps emailing me about Zelda. Yes it is rumored that my co-webmaster and I are going to design a Zelda portion of the site. After all isn't that how the cartoons came? Mario then Zelda, ah those were the good old days. Ok back to business, we have just added a Fan Fiction page. Be sure to send us your stories. We have also added a Mariology section as well. Want to know everything about Mario? Then click on that link. I changed my bio a little and oh yeah for the emulators we are very sorry for everyone not being able to get our ROMS. It turned out that Freeservers has deleted them so we have come to a solution yet XS just needs to upload them and debug them. So finally I would just like to ask you guys to send us what you think we should add to the site. After all SMBSS is the site for the TRUE Mario fan!!!


Another update for the site. Hope you like the new front page. We've been lax on updates lately, but we recently checked the counter and were amazed! Nearly a THOUSAND people have visited our humble little site. And hey, if we knew a thousand people were coming by, we would have cleaned up a little more. Now, about the ROMs.... I'm working on it. Honestly. Give me a day or two to find a solution. - XS


I am very sorry for the lack of updates in the past couple of weeks, yet it seems that myself and my partner in crime with this site have had very busy schedules. Do not fear RTM is hear and ready to whip this site into some shape. As you noticed there is now a Mariology section in the site. Covering every game that Mario appeared in for the NES. We will also be finishing up those other areas of the site that we have not finished yet. I am very sorry for the lack of progress though. Well it is good to get back doing things as my average hits every day just slumped down. Ok enough blabber but please email me your fan art or stories about anything. We also love to hear from you at staff@smbss.8m.com


Well friends it is RTM again and I am proud to say that SMBSS has just reached its 500th hit today. Yes I know it may not be allot right now, especially for a site that is three months old but some search engines are starting to list us and our average per day has increased 2 times. Thanks to all and remember more is on the way. We are busy men. So bear with us!


XSethirothX here (formerly known as SeraphWolf) with some more updates. First off, I know our ROM section is small and I am working to remedy that. Especially with the larger ROMs, we just are not able to host them here at SMBSS. But I'm coming up with a solution to that.
Also, word out of camp Nintendo has told me that if you liked Super Smash Bros, you can expect some serious throw downs coming this year. Another Mario Kart game is in the works, as well as the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Now we all know SIB is just excellent, but I hear that the new Kart game is in the same vein. That's right, you'll now be able to race as Link, Pikachu or even Captain Falcon! Possible character rosters for each game are sketchy at this point. Stay tuned!


ROMs have been added to the ROMs section, the ones you can download are linked. The titles which aren't, are not in the database yet. Be patient. The emulators will be uploaded later tonight, as should some other ROMs. NOTE: Presently, the cap off limit for files at our host is just under a Meg (around 990k). If any ROM is bigger than that, i.e. Super Mario RPG, we currently cannot host it on our servers. I'm looking into a way around that, perhaps using another host. I'll keep you updated. Welcome RTM back today, he's a huntin' man and just returned with some road kill. :) He he.


Site Overhaul: SMBSS just underwent a radical change from it's past incarnation, and we'd like to know what you think of the new look. Pages have been optimized to load faster, images have been streamlined, and the whole place is just about to bust, it's so tight. :) If you're having any problems whatsoever viewing the site or getting documents to display correctly, please e-mail us at Staff@smbss.8m.com and let us know. Rest assured any problems are merely bugs from the upgrade process.


Sorry for the delay yet in the past month I have welcomed aboard another person to SMBSS. Seraph say hi...believe me he said hi. So we have been planning and soon our nice little site will go goth and change all with ROMS and more for you. So believe me even though you all come back here for nothing there will be allot more waiting for you in about two weeks. Bookmark us and comeback quick.  


Not much of an update here mainly because it is late and I want to go to bed. Did you hear...Now because SMBSS has only been on the web for about a month I (RTM) am doing everything in my power to advertise the site. Only snap.com list me in their search engines so let us use the word of mouth and tell all of our friends of a nice little site we like to call The Super Mario Bros. Super Site. Anyway I added two banners for the link exchange thing, changed the "Last Update" date to the 28th, wrote "A NEW RECORD", and voila, a job well done. By the way the new record is 33 hits in one day. Now that may sound miniscule to you yet for a site that only one search engine knows it is pretty darn good. Please email me about the site or send me stuff. I am desperate.


Well I got my homework done early so I was able to work on my flourishing site. I added a link to The Mushroom Kingdom , and updated the Mario Minutes which is the new ticker at the bottom of your screen in the status bar. If you can not see your status bar then just click on view then status bar at the top of your screen. This enables all of my faithful Mario fans to know what is going on. I also added some information (finally) on the Mario Party 2 page. I would like to apologize on it taking so long as it is still not done. I am having a little trouble with one of the sites reviewers sending articles on time to me. Oh well you can just read the FAQ about the game until the weekend. Hey isn't it amazing, SMBSS is the first site I have ever created without stealing other peoples graphics and designs. Everything is made solely by myself the webmaster also known as RTM. I am now recruiting people who would like to help with the site. If you could send me anything or any pictures all thanks and gratitude will be given out accordingly. Also please send some reviews. I would like to get caught up to the "other" Mario sites and at the same time get the fans opinions on games they love. Just email me at rtm881@hotmail.com. Finally would you please tell us at SMBSS what we should include in this site in order to make it better. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Well enough blabber tonight. I will probably be staying up late tomorrow night to get caught up on the old Mario Party 2 bandwagon thing.  

Later on 1/20/2000

YEAH, the Java is working and you can now get the latest information on Mario with the Mario Ticker at the status bar on the bottom of your screen.  


Well Mario fans a lot of sweat and blood went into this site today. If you noticed already on the updates page there is a nifty little heading. I had added three reviews on The Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario. All of course on the NES system. What a day it was and a long one in fact. What aggravates me is the stupid java I am trying to program into my site still does not work. In the future look for a Mario Ticker. This ticker will flash across the home page and let you know everything that is in relation to Mario news. Oh I almost forgot. Not only did I get accepted into the Nintendo WebRing, yet I also fixed up my link section. Feel free to submit a link if you want to. I will be glad to give you my URL as well. Well that's a wrap. I am going to eat a whole hoard of chocolate cookies now and play Donkey Kong 64. I can't help it ever since I got the game I never put it down. Except for making this page of course.


Not much of an update here. Mainly because this is the week of my finals and I am swamped. Well this Friday you can expect a large update on the way my friends. I fixed some dead links and added a rumor which was the first one I could think of. Please submit a rumor if you have one, it can be about anything you want. Also if you are one of the few people to stumble and fall upon this site then tell me what you think so far. I am still waiting for search engines to list me and I have almost been on the web for a month. Oh well time to get some shut eye. May the force be with you...and also with you.

1/15/2000 (12:07 am to be exact)

Well I fixed the counter problem now my only concern is to have people see the site. A new page was just added. It is the Timeline of Mario for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mainly click on the main menu to the Timeline of Mario and then access the NES area to find out every game Mario had appeared in for NES. Boy I am getting sick and tired of these search engines. Already on the web since 12/23/99 and still not a lot of visitors. The times shall change soon. Soon people from far and wide will be flocking to this site religiously worshiping the great Mario and Luigi and Princess Toadstool if you think she is attractive. People will come from all corners of the web just to visit my site. Enough talk I am tired. More on the way. Base clear....(think of the static noise you hear on a CB radio now.)


Well hello everyone I am back from overseas and ready to let the fun begin. Well let me see where I stand right now. My counter is busted and it keeps saying 30 hits even though I keep hearing how people love this site. I am very busy as of now as well which is why I mainly changed the intro music and the date of update. Sorry for the delay yet do not fear this pipe dream will become a reality. I hope...well gotta go. I have to present this site in my first hour class tomorrow. You all come back now ya hear.


Not much of an update here. I was just surfing the web and found some cool holiday music. So enjoy my treat of the holidays if you actually seen this site. The 30 hits my counter shows is a little depressing. Anyway I also changed the folder's name to The Super Mario Bros. Super Site so you will have no problem finding it in your bookmark file. Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe Y2K free New Year. 


Welcome to the Grand Opening of SMBSS. Now I know there are a lot of dead links everywhere and of course there is hardly any information spanning the many blank pages I have yet try to think of it as a new business. We are still under construction and of course our shelves are not stocked. Do not worry Mario Fans there is a lot more information on the way. I just would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a safe and Y2K free New Year. I sure hope this pipe dream of mine works out! Come back soon more information is on the way!!!

The Super Mario Bros. Super Site Launched December 23rd, 1999!!
Above is the actual first post!