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The Future of Console Gaming

part 2/page 12



1 - "Into the Future" an interview with Nintendo's Jim Merrick by Matt Casamassina for IGN64, December 8, 1999.
2 - "From the Desk of Howard Lincoln" an interview with Howard Lincoln (Chairman of
     Nintendo of America) by Ferrari Man for Game Zero Magazine, Aug/Sep 1992.
3 - TRSTS® Video Games Report
4 - "Nintendo plans Zelda 64 for next big play" an interview with Minoru Arakawa
     (President of Nintendo of America) and Howard Lincoln (Chairman of Nintendo of
     America) by Mike Snider for USA Today, July 13, 1999. (cached)
5 - "CSK Group, The Present and Future" a presentation by Isao Okawa (Chairman of
     CSK Corporation) from CSK Group Magazine "Hiryu" Vol.44, November 13, 1997. (cached)
6 - "Stolar Blasts Playstation" an interview with Bernie Stolar (former President
     of Sega of America) by Steven Kent for MSNBC, November 23, 1998. Reprinted by
     Next Generation.
7 - "Sega Tries To Brake A Free Fall" an article by Jim Carlton and David P. Hamilton
     for the Wall Street Journal, September 7, 1999. Reprinted by Gaming Age. (cached)
8 - "Sega Speaks on Stolar's Depature" an article by Peter Moore, Charles
     Bellfield, and Chris Gilbert for IGNDreamcast, August 12, 1999.
9 - "Oh My God! They Killed Bernie!" an article by Craig Hansen for
     SegaWeb, December 8, 1999.
10&11 - "Industry Watch: Sony Wages Workstation Battle" by Daniel Huebner
Game Developer, February 2000, pg. 8
12 - "Sony and the Next Millennium" a presentation by Dr. Teruaki Aoki,
     president and COO, Sony Electronics Inc., April 22, 1999.
13 - Winter 1999 COMDEX speech by Nobuyuki Idei, President and CEO of
     Sony Corporation, November 15, 1999.
14 - Winter 2000 CES speech by Fujio Nishida, president of the Consumer
     Products Marketing Group at Sony Electronics, January 5, 2000.
15 - "Sony seeks musician domain names for life" an article by Beth Lipton
     Krigel for C|Net News, September 15, 1999.
16 - "Did you hear anyone say 'Goodbye'?" by Donald A. Thomas, Jr., October 4, 1996.
For more information about Atari, check out the following article and list of links:

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