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In UbiSoft's Rayman you take control of a cartoon-like character and set out to rescue the Great Protoon from evil Mr. Dark and save the world. Pretty original concept, huh? What Rayman lacks in originality it more than makes up in the excellent execution. Exellent execution is pretty much the rule for all three versions although subtle differences abound. It is these subtle differences that I will be discussing.

[Image 1-Jaguar] [Image 1-PlayStation] [Image 1-Saturn]
[Jaguar (left), PlayStation (middle), Saturn (right)]

In the graphics department, it is a very close call between the Saturn and the PlayStation with the Jaguar coming in a definite third. Where the Saturn generally has more vibrant colors, the PlayStation has some foreground transparencies that the Saturn does not. Oddly, in some levels, the PlayStation has backgrounds that are very different from the Saturn. The Jag's graphics are very close to the other versions without some of the subtleties such as a sparkling crystal shower when you grab a crystal and some of the multi-layered parallax in the backgrounds. The Jag version also suffers from its patented 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia slowdown. In the end the Saturn walks away with a narrow win in this category for color that is a touch better the other versions and for the excellent graphical tricks between levels such as the incredible rippling effect. An important note, however, is that the PlayStation's cinemas are much cleaner and also full screen as compared to Saturn's much smaller window.

[Image 2-Jaguar] [Image 2-PlayStation] [Image 2-Saturn]
[Jaguar (left), PlayStation (middle), Saturn (right)]

On to sound. It's no real surprise that the Jag doesn't even come close to the PlayStation and Saturn's incredible CD soundtrack. In this respect, the CD soundtracks are basically the same except that the Saturn seems a bit richer. Saturn comes in first again, with the PlayStation a close second.

[Image 3-Jaguar] [Image 3-PlayStation] [Image 3-Saturn]

[Image 4-Jaguar] [Image 4-PlayStation] [Image 4-Saturn]
[Jaguar (both left), PlayStation (both middle), Saturn (both right)]

The Saturn triumphs again in the gameplay category as the control feels a bit more solid than the PlayStation's; the Jag plays much like the PlayStation with very little difference. To pick between the gameplay of the Jag and the PlayStation is more like picking between the controllers with the Playstation easily winning.

I feel that the Saturn version has a bit more longevity in it for the reasons described above. PlayStation second, Jag third.

[Image 5-Jaguar] [Image 5-PlayStation] [Image 5-Saturn]
[Jaguar (left), PlayStation (middle), Saturn (right)]

Overall, I think it is very clear which version wins the race. All three are pretty close in most respects, so it only really matters which system you own.


Posted (12/95)

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