Nintendo Ultra

Nintendo also had more than just games on display. One of the more novel items seen were the mulitiple colors of controllers.

(Photo) (Photo)

These controllers while odd looking, promise to provide additional depth in game play by way of internal game-save information. To quote from Nintendo's show literature regarding this feature:

"This is actually used inside the controller itself allowing you to save your own data such as game play and controller customizations. For instance when you play a VS mode of a game, you can save fight information on each controller. This will help you to analyze your friend's game play. For example, you can save how your friend controls his or her own car in your memory pack and you can challenge him or her by yourself..."

(Photo) (Photo)

[The left photo shows a controller with no memory pack inserted. The right photo shows an example memory pack plugged in. Also notice the additional underside button, visible just below the save-cartridge slot.]

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