1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show - Day 2

First off, lots of Jaguar news. Several exciting new games and much innovative hardware will soon be released.

Several new hardware accessories for the Atari Jaguar are also being previewed at the show. The CD unit and a V.R. headset are on display, as well as a new voice/data communicator. The data communicator not only allows you to talk on the telephone while you are playing, but also support your call waiting; you can pause your game, take the call, then continue back with your game when done. Another new item, CAT Box, allows up to 32 players to connect their Jags together via a standard serial line.

Sega's booth hosts a variety of impressive items. Virtua Fighter II coin-op is faster, texture mapped, and all-round dazzling. The game is ready for arcade placement now.

The U.S. Saturn system also premiered at the show. An official announcement will be made this fall regarding a launch date. Price will run between $300- $500 US. Sega confirmed that the U.S. and Japanese systems are not compatible.

Apparently Sega arcade and Sega console are working closer together now. Daytona USA and Virtua Fighter II--to name a few--will be ported directly to the Saturn. A demo of Daytona USA was shown at Sega's press conference. The crowd was visibly impressed.

In other Sega news, Sega does not plan to drop the 32x when the Saturn is released. They plan to shift the 32x market to the older teen crowd. The Saturn will be aimed at the adults and older teens, and the Genesis will be made the entry level system.

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