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Las Vegas, NV, January 8, 1998 - Three hundred consumer technology companies are first-time participants to the 1998 International CES. Companies are using CES as a debut opportunity to let the retail, corporate and institutional buying community, the media and financial communities see first hand their latest technological developments.

"Every year an outstanding class of new companies enter the consumer electronics marketplace," explained Robbi Lycett, vice president of the CES. "The creativity and ingenuity of technologists is growing exponentially and reaching the consumer market continues to be the driving force for many companies. The consumer electronics industry creates a thousand opportunities a day, and CES lets the retail, institutional and corporate buyer, the media and the financial community experience these new products personally. Companies plan their entire year to introduce the next VCR or cellular phone at CES and the 1998 CES is no different. For broad based acceptance and awareness, companies exhibit at CES for the chance to capture the mind share of the market makers."

All of the industry major categories are represented by the new exhibiting companies. CES offers attendees the opportunity to see companies with accessories, computing, cellular, SoHo, audio and video, furniture, home theater, and mobile electronics products.

New products can also be seen in the Emerging Technologies Pavilion, which offers a unique opportunity for small companies to gain exposure to several thousands interested financiers, investors, venture capitalists, retailers, and trade press. This pavilion showcases new products/ideas to attract business partners, and gain capital necessary to grow their business. Exhibitors in this Pavilion include: Advanced Image Communications, Autobahn Internet Services, CenterPin Peripherals, Fiber Does, Media Circus, Natural Life, NetFax, SmarTools, and Vector America. The products in this pavilion represent a vast range of consumer technologies, including such categories as audio accessories, video hardware, home theater, small office/home office, computer hardware, software and peripherals, health care, personal electronics, Internet and wireless products and more.

CES has a rich tradition of bringing advanced technology products to the consumer marketplace including the VCR in 1970, the Laserdisc player in 1974, the Camcorder and the Compact Disc Player in 1981, Digital Audio technology in 1990, the Mini Disc player and Radio Data Systems in 1993, Direct Satellite Systems in 1994, and the DVD player in 1996.

The 1998 CES is continuing that trend. Attendees have their first chance to see digital television products that will be available for the retail channel in the fourth quarter of 1998. CES is the largest annual trade show dedicated to delivering technology to the marketplace by way of the retail distribution channel.

"Digital technologies are everywhere on the CES show floor and that is partially the result of the excitement and creativity of all of the new exhibitors and their effort to keep our industry competitive and on the cutting edge. Attendees walking the Show floors can see more new products in one place than any other trade event in the world," concluded Ms. Lycett.

Be sure to visit, the interactive source for CES news and information, to check out the latest conference sessions, exhibitors, and press conferences. Also, use CESweb to create a personalized CES planner, or to search the official show directory.

CEMA is a sector of the Electronic Industries Association (EIA), the 74-year-old Arlington, Virginia-based trade association representing all facets of electronics manufacturing. CEMA represents U.S. manufacturers of audio, video, accessories, mobile electronics, communication, information and multimedia products which are sold through consumer channels.


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