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Monster Cable for Internet

Wish you could infuse your 'net connection with the same high quality performance you expect from a stereo with Monster Cables? Maybe you can. If you are already achieving top speed from your modem, and you are not experiencing many drop-offs, this may not be very useful, although it looks cool. However, if you do have these problems, keep reading, this might be a simple solution to your woes.

Monster has released a line of high quality telephone cables designed to reduce signal bleed out and noise interference on your phone line.

Most modems come with cheap flat phone wire which is suceptible to RF and inductive interference. While you may never notice this on a phone, your modem most likely will. The Monster cable is built like the cable in your walls - twisted pair instead of flat. Monster boasts a maintained signal strength 10 times greater than flat cable and 4 times better noise rejection. The Monster Internet Cable is much cooler than the dowdy cable that comes with modems too - it comes in a variety of bright colors with soft yet rugged casings.

Look for other computer accessory cables from Monster, including monitor extensions and networking products.

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