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Network Computer Inc.

NCI are providing stiff competition to WebTV through RCA's N|C product based on NCI's software and design. The N|C, as promoted by ORACLE, is an information appliance for retrieving information easily over the Internet. RCA in cooperation with NCI has brought that idea to the marketplace with more user features than WebTV, and at a lower price point.

The NCI design is an open platform, with forthcoming products from NEC, Acer, Philips, Zenith, Uniden and many more.

The latest addition to the functionality of the NCI N|C is enhanced TV. Imagine watching a football game (or anything else - this is not sports centric) and having the ability to pull up live player stats in a translucent window any time. While watching the news, a headlinr catches your eye so you click the more info button and are instantly taken to a news website with detailed story information while the TV news is shrunk to a small window, like a PIP. This is the power of NCI Custom Connect Server Suite for N|C's.

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