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UR Gear Headset 3D Controller

How do you get my attentiion at a convention? How about placing a sleek Ferrari in your booth?! Union Reality did just that to Highlite their sleek product design also by Paolo Pininafarina.

UR Gear is a totally new concept in game control. You put on a VR helmet, only without the goggles. As you move your head to look right, the character, ship or whatever moves to track with you. You look left, you see (or move to) the left. This product is very intuitive. I sat down and had control over Luke Skywalker immediately. The styling is sleek, so you won't feel like a geek with your UR Gear and your favorite game.

UR Gear is Windows 95, 3.1 and DOS compatible, with both digital and analog modes.

UR Gear could well be the Product of the year!

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[NOTE: if your looking for drivers, we have located a number of installs that are reported to work under Windows 95/98. You can download them here.]

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