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 The Final Word game review
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Burning Soldier -- Panasonic/Genki

As ace pilot of the Earth Defense Force, you enter blood-chilling battle aboard the Strike fighter. Your ship chooses its course of flight so that, as pilot, you can focus on one thing -- massive destruction! Panasonic presents Burning Soldier for the 3DO.

Burning Soldier is not really my type of game -- I go for a little more interaction; however, Genki (who also did Kileak for the PS) dug deep into their bag of CG tricks and spawned a pretty snazzy-looking point-and-click shooter. As with any in this genre -- Burning Soldier requires a rapid-fire pad or your trigger finger will hate you in the morning. One of the many oddities of Burning Soldier is the strangely up-beat TV theme song music (R.I.P. joked that one of the pieces sounded like the theme from "The Love Boat"). Not my type of game, but great FMV!

A pretty standard fixed flight shooter. I was actually having problems with the skill level on this game until I whipped out my auto-fire controller... then I just walked through the game. Really good graphics make this game a good playthough once, but after you're done with it, the replay value is about nil. Sound and music in the game are actually pretty decent (although some of the songs boarder on cheesy), and carry you through the game well. Playcontrol is a struggle at best with a standard controller, and I did not like the fact that while you're trying to charge up your missiles for firing, you can't use your lasers. This little flaw made the missiles about useless. Two-player mode is interesting, and has it's share of pluses and minuses, one of the pluses being that you can have one person focus on the enemies, and another one focus on taking out incoming missiles... a minus is that each player only has half the shot power of a one-player game, and nobody has missiles! Oh well...

>>>>> 29.5/50 <<<<< E.Phoenix R.I.P.
Graphics 4.5 4.5
Sound 4.0 4.0
Gameplay/Control 1.5 2.5
Longevity/Playability 1.5 2.0
Overall 2.0 3.0
Total 13.5 16.0