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 The Final Word game review
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Carrier, Fortress at Sea -- Discovery Communications, Inc.

This title is one of many pieces of 3DO software that are in fact, not games at all. This title is a documentary piece about life on an aircraft carrier at sea in general, and specifically about the general workings of day to day activity on the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson while at sea in the Pacific. Included with the basic tour of the vessel, you get general ship statistics such as weight, size, speed, etc... Mission briefings and a very poorly executed game of landing the jet fighter on the deck of the ship. Graphics in this title are pretty average, and the video segments are sometimes choppy during playback. Audio is decent, giving you a good sampling of the sounds you would hear on board a ship like this. The control interface is somewhat clunky, but becomes manageable with use. Personally I would only recommend this title for teens, or someone who only slightly more than curious about the topic. It is a little more detailed than watching a TV program on the subject (though way more interactive). On the other hand, if you're a hard core naval buff looking for some good information on a modern sea vessel, stick with your books.