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Flying Nightmares -- Domark

Ferrari Man
Strap into your seat, check your gauges, and find out where the eject button is, because you had better be prepared for this title! Flying Nightmares represents the first true flight simulator on a home console system as good as the PC-competition. Other flight sims on home console systems have always lacked many functions, or the true "feel" of the aircraft. This title is an exception. The graphics are smooth, and detailed, and the sound very adequate. However, the true flight sim control of this title puts it literally light years beyond its closest competition. Remember, however, that in real life flying a harrier is no easy task, nor is the control on this game. Without the "Flightstick", expect to learn many button combinations to do even the most basic tasks. Even with the "Flightstick", the game has a steep learning curve. Do not expect to land on the carrier your first go at it. As a matter of fact, don't be surprised if you crash on takeoff a time or two. The game makes no claims to be an instant action, shoot-em-up, and it isn't. You have to have patience to go learn the ship, and go through the ground missions before you will even see another aircraft. However, once you master the control of the ship, it will be well worth your effort. This title comes as "highly recommended".