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 The Final Word game review
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Iron Angel of the Apocalypse -- Synergy, Inc.

Horrible 3-D engine with only a teeny-tiny window to watch the frame's action through. Well, since this is a 3-D action game that is the end of the story right? Wrong. This is no ordinary game. It has one of the best storylines, and definitely the best cinemas ever to hit the 3DO. It is worth it to play through the framey levels to see the incredible cinemas. Actually, the game isn't so bad and throws a good bit of strategy at you, so the execution of the game levels is only half-horrible. This game will probably pop up in resale shops in large quantities for a really cheap price. As an added bonus, the cinemas, which are the moody Japanese sci-fi type, are subtitled instead of dubbed. A really cool package.