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 The Final Word game review

PGA Tour Golf '96 -- Electronic Arts

Ferrari Man
PGA Tour Golf '96 is a wonderful addition to any golf fans collection. Although less in-depth than some of the other competing golf games -- this title is still a big winner. Some features that I missed included the ability to change my stance, and the ability to change my position vs. the ball's. You control the direction of your swing by placing a moving flag, marking your intended lie. Of course this will be affected by both the wind, as well as how "on-target" your swing was. However, you learn very quickly to overcome these small errors. I found myself 8 under par at TPC Nevada's front 9 after only 2 games. If video game golf follows my real game at all, I'd have been kicked off the course by then! However, if you are not a real experienced video game golfer, or are not looking for a very difficult challenge, this title has very beutiful graphics, and is extremely relaxing to play. There are very few games that can relieve stress without explosions as good as this one.