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 The Final Word game review

PO'ed -- Any Channel

What in the heck are people so excited about this game for? I keep sitting down, starting it up, beginning my game, playing a few levels, and then flipping it off because it just sucks sooooo much. Argh! Am I missing something? I'm finding the extra weapons... I'm using everything I find... it's still boring. The only cool things in this title are the funny story premise (which is a spoof on all of the many "Doom-like" games out there), and the novel implementation of ladders in game levels (when you hit a ladder, you keep walking towards it and you will begin to climb, your vision will tip upwards to look up the ladder and when you get to the top, you jump on the landing). Graphics are grainy and lacking any real depth of animation to them, sound is nothing special to note, and play control is pretty average in this below average game.