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 The Final Word game review
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Quarterback Attack -- Digital Pictures, Inc.

At first I thought this game was a joke, but after playing it, I found it to be fairly interesting. Not quite like all of Digital Pictures' other point-and-click classics, this game actually gives you some fair amount of control, and definitely gives you a feel for what it "looks like" to be in the middle of a football game. As far as the actual game goes, you had control over almost everything except the other players on your team as the ran... not a big deal since the game is supposed to be wholly from the QB's point of view. Play control, while noted quite simple in the instructions, seemed a bit confusing from time to time. Graphics were pretty average for a game like this, although, the casting for the actors in the FMV sequences could have been a little better. I have a hard time really qualifying this in relation to regular football games in that I really can't stand most sports games... BUT, I actually enjoyed playing this title, and it kept me interested enough to keep me playing. One of the funny things about this game is Mike Ditka, who must have been on tranquilizers, given his general play reactions. For instance I performed two safeties in a row, and then punted away several first downs, generating only a slight beratement along with general moral boosting on the part of Ditka. Hmmm...