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 The Final Word game review

Phantasy Star -- Sega of America

Phantasy Star takes place on three worlds: Palma, a green earth-like world, Motavia (a barren desert world with posion gas areas and other environmental hazards), and Dezoris (a frozen ice world). Unlike the other three in the series, all of PS's dungeons/towers are in 3-D, a sadly missed feature. The four player controlled characters include: Alys (main character--swordfighter and magic), Myau (a cat aquired in the first town on Motavia--claw attack, this character appeared in PS2 wandering in a transport maze and PS4 in a statue with Alys), Odin (the fighter of the group--axefighter), and Noah (a young Easpar wizard found in the first dungeon on Motavia). Along the way you will gain three vechicles (hover craft, land rover, and mining vehicle), meet an ancient soothsayer, rescue a scientist/engineer, pick magical nuts from a tree on Dezoris, and discover a floating castle in the sky. I cannot recommend this game highly enough, this is the reason to track down a SMS. It was the best game ever released for the system.