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 The Final Word game review
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King of the Monsters -- SNK Corp.

I was never too hot on this game in the arcade, or in it's various other ports over the years. Although I know it's because I just never understood what the point of the game was. I kept trying to play it as a fighter, didn't get far and then gave up. Recently though when I sat down to put some time on the game again, I started noticing more about the game handling and began treating it like a wrestling game, and then it clicked. If you treat it exactly like a big-time wrestling game, the game kicks butt. I found myself really enjoying this title, and found gameplay best when I had a second player playing in co-operative mode. Character animations in the game are very appropriate as well as sometimes humorous. The game really has a handle on all of those hoaky Japanese monster films of years ago. A classic title... dated, but still a classic.