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 Import Impressions

Hanatakadaka [Long-Nosed Gremlin] -- Taito

One of the more peculiar titles that I've played on the PC-Engine. Hanatakadaka puts you in the role of a flying "duck-like" character who is out to help save a young girl who has been kidnapped by what appears to be an evil racoon. The trick to this game is to complete both sections of each level, first by locating the evil beaver on each level and shooting him which will send you to the bonus level... then second, find the evil racoon again and shoot him again. Doing this ensures that you get the "puzzle" piece from that level. After you have defeated all of the levels (which have some mighty wierd bosses-ie: Freddie Krugar, a male beaver with large... um... private parts, etc...) you're in for a treat. At the end you get to watch the closing animation. The more "puzzle" pieces you have, the more of the animation you get to watch. A very fun and challenging game worth playing for any shooter fan.