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L-Dis -- Masaya

Another of the many great side-scrolling shooter games available for the PC-Engine, L-Dis is very remeniscent of Fantasy Zone, in fact your ship and other game elements are almost identical. In this title you are off to rescue your girlfriend who has been stolen away from you while the two of you were making graffiti on the school wall. In fact, it's the graffiti that comes to life! You have three weapon types for play, and each of them provides for a higher level of difficulty. Bosses tend to be full-screen or larger in size. Gameplay is fast... and I do mean fast. Graphics are really sharp, and the music and sound are very appropriate for the game. Furthermore, I've always considered this title to be one of the most difficult of the PC-Engine CD shooters that I have played do to the fact that I can never get through the last stage without resorting to slow-mo mode... and even then it still scrolls almost too fast to play!