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Spriggan mark 2: Re Terraform Project -- Naxat Soft/Compile

In this CD sequal to the game Spriggan, instead of a forward-scrolling shooter, the game is totally side-scrolling. Long and involved cinemas give the game a greater depth of play, and as you progress through the levels, you gain access to better weapon configurations for battle. Play control is great, but I recommened that you turn off the "demo-voice" mode during play. With demo mode on, you get to see the cinemas, but your gameplay gets interupted quite frequently by character chatter during every level of play. I would say turn off "demo" mode all-together, but this seems to make the game more difficult, and of course you loose the animations between levels. The music in this title really cranks along, and helps you get right into play. Graphics are very shiny and crisp throught the entire game. Also, this game has one of my top-10 favorite opening cinemas!