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 The Final Word game review

College Slam -- Acclaim

Over 40 college teams, cheerleaders, authentic fight songs, and more... Acclaim's College Slam for the Sega Saturn brings all of the excitement of college basketball right into your living-room, in season and out.

It is kind of sad really. The people at Iguana making a virtual carbon copy of NBA Jam TE -- save for the typical bunch of features associated with college basketball games -- just in time for the NCAA tournament. Some of those features also are troublesome. For instance, since their are not actual players -- just actual schools -- you have to insert the names of your favorite team's all-stars. Then if you do not have a memory card, sorry. There are some good aspects though, but they too are not without their faults. The music that sounds like it is from a college band is fun, but wears down its welcome quickly. The "Records" feature is nice, for those who want to play a full college season. Then again, NBA Jam was not too realistic either. As far as the numbers go on the graphics, sound, and what-not, I will just rate College Slam like I would rate NBA Jam TE. The bottom line is that even if you are desperate for a college basketball game on either system, you might want to wait until Konami or Electronic Arts comes out with something far better than this rehash. Or, if you already own NBA Jam, you could always pretend that the Chicago Bulls are the Arkansas Razorbacks, or the Minnesota Timberwolves are the Kentucky Wildcats. The possibilities are endless!

Wretch... This game was pretty horrible. So horrible that it was pretty painful to even play. I never liked NBA Jam to begin with and since this is basically the same darn game with different names for players, and different team logos... well, what's the point.

 ------ 23.0/50 ------- 
--Benjamin-- --R.I.P.--
Graphics 3.5 3.0
Sound 3.0 3.0
Gameplay/Control 3.0 1.5
Longevity/Playability 1.5 1.0
Overall 2.5 1.0
Total 13.5 9.5