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 The Final Word game review

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Cyber Speedway -- Sega

Selected to represent the Earth in high speed hoversled racing, the future of your world rests upon your shoulders. Cyber Speedway is a new Saturn racing game brought to you by Sega.

With all its faults, I actually came to enjoy Cyber Speedway. Cyber Speedway has you representing Earth in a grand hovercar race. As usual the 3-D engine pretty well sucks and the music was only OK, but Cyber Speedway actually had a bit of substance in it; I found myself going back to it again and again. I suppose my one question would be: who the hell are the Bygone Dogs? Not that they are exceptionally bad, it just seems that Sega is in such a hurry to put forth an "alternative" image lately that they forgot to put an emphasis on quality. What the hell is a "virtua feeling" anyway?

Ah... well... uhm... Daytona USA is a lot better, and Sega Rally crushes it as well... Uhm... You know, I can't really think of anything positive to say about this title. Graphics are grainy, play control is a bit sloppy (whatever the steering setting is), and good grief, when you go into internal view on your vehicle, all vehicle buyancy becomes a myth. Let's put it this way, I walked through every track in both difficulties ranking first on every track and it took me a grand total of one hour and fourty-five minutes to solve... and that was only because I replayed one level three times. I've heard so many people compare this to WipeOut, and to be honest... there is NO comparison. WipeOut crushes this game completely... and my last comment... please! Someone make the Bygone Dogs be gone. This band couldn't play their way out of a wet tissue sack.

 ------ 26.0/50 ------- 
--E.Phoenix- ---R.I.P.-
Graphics 3.5 3.0
Sound 3.0 0.5
Gameplay/Control 3.5 3.0
Longevity/Playability 3.5 0.5
Overall 3.5 2.0
Total 17.0 9.0