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 The Final Word game review
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Microcosm -- Psygnosis, Ltd.

You know, when Psygnosis can't pull off kick ass graphics on a platform, you've got problems. That's Microcosm in a micro-nutshell. I will say that this title might have been better to watch if it had just had more colors. Play-control was decent for your being totally on rails. One cool thing was how you really interacted with the background... such as bumping into walls. Music and sound in this title were great, of course. But all-in-all, the game was to easy. If you only have a SegaCD and you like games like Starblade and Silpheed, then check this title out. Otherwise, go for the 3DO release. My last comment... is it me or does that instruction manual really have anything to do with the game?