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Grandzort -- Hudson Soft/Sunrise

In this scrolling platform title you fight various enemies in your choice of three combat forms -- each with its own weapons and strengths. Hudson Soft's Grandzort is only available for the Super Grafx.

In Grandzort you can switch between three different robots at will. Each robot possess a different weapon and unique "magical" ability. Very detailed enemy sprites and generally good graphics round out this mediocre game.

I've heard various comments pegging this game as the Japanese sequal to the TG's Keith Courage, but true or not, this game stands on its own very well. All of the levels are quite challenging, as are the bosses. Gameplay is pretty good, and the graphics are decent as well. Sound on the other hand is nothing to get excited about, although it works well with the game overall. If you're into platform games, this one is worth a look, just for the sake of variety.