The Super Mario Bros. Super Site!

Some BackGround Information:

The Super Mario Bros. Super Site was started by Rob Miller in December 1999. It was a free website, hosted by Freeservers (which remained the host throughout its lifespan). Seth Strawder met and joined Rob in the Summer of 2000, and together they tried to make a site that true Mario fans would love and adore.

It's now August 2002. Rob Miller is no longer associated with SMBSS, except in creative credit alone. Seth Strawder succumbed to both a demanding job, as well as a complete collapse in his personal life, and no longer had the energy to maintain the website alone. The announcement to close SMBSS was made July 23rd, 2002, much to a great public dismay from the fans of the site. It should be noted, no one offered to step up and take over the site, or help out. That might have been a possibility.

This archived site is made possible by the fantastic folks at GameZero, who upon learning of the demise of SMBSS, stepped up and offered to host it as an archive, because of the three years of material and work, that the site became.




Super Mario Bros. Super Site Creator: Rob Miller
Super Mario Bros. Super Site Co-Owner/Archive Webmaster: Seth Strawder

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