A Word From The Webmasters


Dear Mario Fans;

It is with a heavy heart, and an equally heavy hand, that I announce this to be the last update for the Super Mario Bros. Super Site.

We spanned three years. In Internet time, that's an eternity. In my own life, so much happened in those three years, that to me it seems more like six years.

MEGAByite, or Rob Miller, as he goes by in the real world, wrote me recently to say he wanted nothing else to do with SMBSS. This upset me, mostly because he was not only the one who started the site, but he didn't make any kind of offer of closure with the site. He pretty much up and walked out.

I love SMBSS. Always have, always will. It's long been one of my favorite projects. I learned a huge amount of stuff related to making websites, and the web in general, while working on the site. Perhaps one day, I will purchase the professional space, and tools, to make a great gaming website of my own.

There will be no more updates to the SMBSS from this point on. This is merely an archive site, hosted by the kind and generous folks at GameZero, which is in itself an archive site. Which is a shame, I think, because it just seems to have so much potential still. :)

I simply can't do all of this by myself. That's it.

So goodbye Mario fans. Thank you for all the great e-mails, the fan mails, the hate mails, the mails from people who obviously didn't have a damn clue. We loved them all. Thank you for making SMBSS, the big success we always dreamed of. With this post, I retire the name I used here, as well as a great website.....nethier will ever be used again.

Seth Strawder


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