The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is where you can get information on the most commonly asked questions about Us, or that guy Mario, without waiting on an e-mail reply. Handy, huh? If you feel this FAQ is missing a question, or would like to contribute, send your submission to me, Nulshock.

You guys scare me, who are you?
We'll start with that other guy. MEGAByite created the Super Mario Bros. Super Site, some two point five years ago (The old site will soon be archived for those of you who'd like to check it out) and currently has been responsible for the newest redesign to the site. He is Senior Webmaster, as well as Graphic Layout Artist, and runs the Media Mario section, and Mariology (which is his baby).

That leaves us with me, NulShock. I've been with the site since Spring 2000. I'm the Webmaster of the site, as well as Content Editor, Technical Troubleshooter and Spellchecker. I run the Fan Center, FAQ and Did You Know areas. 

Who is "Mario"?
Mario was created in the early 1980's by Shigeru Mayamoto, who was commissioned by Nintendo to do the main character for a game called "Donkey Kong". However, Mario was originally known simply as Jumpman. It wasn't until the US release of the game, that he was given the moniker "Mario". The game was a blockbuster hit here in the US, and the rest is history.

What is the Mushroom Kingdom?
The Mushroom Kingdom is the land in which the Super Mario Universe exists. It is essentially a world that exists separately from, but connected to, somehow, Earth. Mario is a plumber from Brooklyn, and along with his brother Luigi, they protect the Mushroom Kingdom, its people and the beautiful Princess Toadstool, from the evil clutches of Bowser, the Koopa King. Mushroom Kingdom is made up of many different areas, called "Worlds", upon which Mario typically finds himself traversing in an effort to set things right.

Has Mario ever had any love interests?
Most definitely. Our mustachioed hero has not been without many love interests in his time. The first was Pauline, the young lady who Donkey Kong took a liking to, and held hostage in all four Donkey Kong games. In a side-quest series (which took place in another timeline separate to Mario's main storyline), Mario found himself rescuing Princess Daisy. But the love of Mario's life comes in the form of the incredibly beautiful Princess Toadstool, ever-present in Mario's heart.

Who are Mario's enemies?
Mario has many, many enemies. In fact, he has more enemies than he has friends. These include Tatanga, an alien being who set out to do Mario wrong in Super Mario Land on the Gameboy. Wario, who is basically an evil clone of Mario. Wart, a frog nemesis who took over all of dreamland, and who Mario -and- his friends had to join together to defeat. And finally, the enemy everyone loves to hate; the King of the Koopas himself: Bowser.

I'm stuck in a Mario game, can SMBSS help me?
We'll give it a shot. While we realize many people still play the original, classic Super Mario Bros. and even older games, the truth is even we don't remember all the secrets. :) But if you're really stuck and in a fix, or just curious about what something does, send us an e-mail and one of us should be able to help you out.

(more to come)