Did You Know?

The Mario universe is full of a lot of things magical and magnificent, but also home to some downright weird stuff. Sometimes reality is that way too. Doubt it? Look below for further proof:


 Did you know: Way back in the Mid-1980's, there was a cartridge released in the European Market that featured Nintendo World Cup, Tetris and Super Mario Bros. all on the same cartridge?

Did you know: The first appearance of Luigi was -not- Super Mario Bros., but an arcade game called Mario Bros., in which Mario enlisted his brother Luigi's aid in cleaning the sewer pipes? They didn't call them plumbers for nothing!

Did you know: The failed successor to the original Game Boy was this "interesting" contraption called the Virtual Boy? You had to put your head against the machine, to see the screen, and all the games displayed in only two colors: Red and Black. The machine was an utter failure, as most everyone who played it, got splitting migraines. And the games sucked to boot.

Did you know: The American version of Super Mario Bros. 2, was -not- the Japanese version? In Japan, Super Mario Bros. 2 was a continuation of the original game, and there was no 2 player mode. Instead, you played either a Mario game or a Luigi game. Check out a screenshot.

Did you know: Nintendo has been around for nearly one hundred years? It's true; however before they made a plumber famous, they were famous for making Playing Cards, and if I'm not mistaken, slot machines.

Did you know: Nintendo, the name, translated loosely means "from the heavens" in Japanese. Alot of fans would probably agree.

Did you know: Mario was created by a man named Shigeru Mayamoto, whose name is now legendary,  who was ordered to come up with a hit game, in a very small amount of time (by himself). The game became Donkey Kong.

Did you know: In the original Donkey Kong, the character we know as Mario was simply called "Jumpman" (because that's what he did. Jump).

Did you know: There was a line of comic books based on the Nintendo universe, with Mario as the star of the line-up. The Mario comic featured the characters from Super Mario Land, who came into the real world via a malfunctioning GameBoy, and helped two brothers save the day from Tatanga.

Did you know: There once was a Mario Bros. afternoon television show. It was called The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and starred Captain Lou Albano, a popular wrestler, as Mario.

Did you know: Mario's outfit is by accident. Originally, it wasn't in the design for Mario to have overalls, a hat or even a mustache! Mayamoto said he added these, as a means to separate Mario's different body parts onscreen, as otherwise you couldn't tell his neck from his hand. As technology improved though, this was no longer the case; but by then everyone knew Mario as he was, so the design change stuck.