Scattered throughout the Internet are several great ways to play Mario games, even if you don't currently have a working NES, SNES or other Nintendo console. Enter "Emulation", or Emu for short. An Emulator is a piece of software that copycats, say, a Super Nintendo......out of your computer. Yep, you heard that right. Now, how well this works, and how well you can play, all depend on what kind of computer you have, and various peripherals you own.

To put it simply, unless you have a computer better than a 400MHZ Pentium or AMD, with at least 64MEGs of RAM, and a good joystick that comes close to the system you're trying to emulate, you probably shouldn't even bother.

Collected here on this page, are the best Emulators I know of, for different Nintendo consoles. Some of these will work better than others, and sometimes that's also a matter of personal opinion.

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The Emulators

Online Games

NEW Mario Bros. - I just found this very recently. Someone has made a java-based version of the original Mario Bros. that you can play online. Looks promising.


Nintendo Entertainment System

Rock NES - Windows XP, 2000. Does not work on 9X.

FCE Ultra - Windows. Linux. DOS.

NESten - Windows.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

ZSNES - Windows. Linux. DOS.

Snes9X - Multiple OSes.


Nintendo 64

Nemu 64 - Windows.

1964 - Windows.

Project 64 - Windows


Nintendo Game Boy

BGB - GameBoy emulator. Windows.

CBE Boy - GameBoy emulator. Windows.

Gameboy 98 - Windows. Ideal for SLOW computers.


Nintendo Game Boy ADVANCE

AGD - OS Unknown.

Boycott Advance - Windows.