Fan Center Submissions

(NOTE: We are no longer taking submissions)

Artwork: Must be no larger than 400K in size. Bitmaps are not accepted, please use any picture editor to convert the file to a JPG format (or GIF, for heavy line art).

Stories: No restrictions on stories other than stories must not include any of the following:

  • Profanity - aside from an occasional "Damn" or the like. Mario simply doesn't do this.

  • Sexual References. We have kids who come here, keep it clean, people.

Send all submissions to or; you will get a confirmation e-mail in a day or two, from me, detailing when you can expect to see your masterpiece on the site.

- NulShock

(NOTE: We are no longer taking submissions)

Fan Fiction

Fan Artwork

Abduction in Mushroom Kingdom
- A Miniseries by RazorBurn

Mario's Adventure
- By Brett W.

Mario & Jaubaub's Adventure
-By Michael

The Kidnapping
- By Crazy Boy

After Super Mario 3
-By  Jessica88


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