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Mario Related Links

 Nintendo Atlantis - Very easy to navigate Nintendo Website that has alot of Mario stuff, but also numerous other Nintendo games as well. Definitely worth checking out.

Super Mario Bros. Monster Compendium - Very unique approach for a Mario related site.  Worth checking out!

Super Mario Bros. Headquarters - Extremely in-depth site of Mario.  Been around longer than us and still a leader in Mario related web sites.  Definitely worth checking out.

Dave's Super Mario World Site - A brand new Mario site that covers nothing but Super Mario Advance 2. Has a good bit of information, and worth checking out.

Super Smash Bros. Central - A professionally done website that focuses solely on the Super Smash Bros. series. They also have a Message Board.

Retro Kombat - A newer site archiving the great classics and none other than Mario is included in the list.  Worth checking out.


General Gaming Sites - Kevin Keene. Princess Lana. Videoland. Does this ring a bell? If so, you're gonna be right at home, at Captain The webmaster even has a continuation of the story going in a sprite-based webcomic. Definitely worth a look.

StarTropics: C-Island - This a site dedicated to nothing but StarTropics 1 and 2 (classic games for the beloved NES). You can find everything here.


Miscellaneous Links

Zone Radio Network - If not for these guys then there would be no WSMB.  Give them the courtesy they deserve and check out their site.

Sunkast - Ever wonder whose voice that is on WSMB reminding us what station you are listening to?  Well visit this page for his little place on the net.

Polymer-City Chronicles: This is a NulShock-recommended webcomic. The creator of the strip, Chris Morrison, is genuinely funny and one of the nicest guys you'll probably ever meet. Right now, the story is building to a great boil, but you can start from the beginning in the Archives.

Tux & Bunny - Online comic about a Penguin and an evil Bunny who seek domination of Everquest. Done by a friend of mine (NulShock). Pretty funny.