1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show - Day 1.

One of the early highlights of CES '95 is an Activision Atari 2600 emulator running under Windows 3.1. It comes with Kaboom!, Pitfall!, River Raid, Boxing, Chopper Command, Cosmic Commuter, Crackpots, Fishing Derby, Freeway, Frostbite, Grand Prix, H.E.R.O, Seaquest, Sky Junks, and lastly Spider Fighter. I took a bit of time to play a couple of these titles, and they are very true to the original. I talked with one of the developers and he confirmed that the games run in a true 2600 emulated environment. And while there are plans for future title to be released, they will most likely only be Activision titles. Currently, there are no plans for a device that would allow a user to load cartridge data onto their PC. To maintain the same frame rate as the original 2600 a 486-33 will be required.

ID Software is once again aiming to invade every home and business with an addictive 3-D adventure! Quake, the new title ID is working on, is planned for a December release. Sources informed Game Zero that a release may come much earlier -- since development is progressing faster than anticipated. Following the general trend of computer gaming, it looks like you will need at least a 486-66 to play this one. Good news is that this game is guaranteed to scare the pants off of you-- in the true ID style. In other ID news a new Doom type game should be out on the shelves right now, more on that later though.

News flash! Seemingly everyone here is working on Ultra 64 titles. Spectrum Holobyte is in on the action with a conversion of their new PC title Topgun. Development is just starting so no news on how it looks yet.

The long awaited, StarFox II, is now showing-- and it looks great! We are all planning on logging some heavy play on this, and I'll give you a full run down tomorrow.

Sony's PSX may be coming to the US! I talked with a former Virgin developer, now with an independent company, and he mentioned US software development. Still unconfirmed, I will get more news on this as time goes on and keep you up to date.

Read on to Day 2.

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