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 The Final Word game review
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Microcosm -- Psygnosis

In Psygnosis' Microcosm for the 3DO, you have been miniturized and injected into the body of Cybertech's president. Your mission is to find and eliminate a tiny droid which is controlling his mind, while fighting anything that get's in your way.

Ferrari Man
Full motion video games have never really took off -- and this is a classic example of why. Microcosm is a lack luster, shoot 'em up, don't control where you go, graphically unexciting bomb. Save your money for some of the other great titles available.

This is probably the worst port of this game that I have played to date. The skill level has been jacked up over the other versions, and that's about the only "upgrade" worth mentioning... Actually it's not really worth mentioning that much because it almost makes the game nearly impossible to play. Many of the in-level enemies seem to have been changed, and not for the better... graphically they just don't fit in with the slick backgrounds at all. Sound is ok, except in the initial cinemas... where it blows chunks. Playcontrol wasn't all that hot. Sigh, I just couldn't enjoy this port of this game if I tried (and I did). I never thought I'd be doing this, but if you really need this game, stick with the Sega CD release -- it's a better version by far...

>>>>> 14.5/50 <<<<< Ferrari Man R.I.P.
Graphics 2.0 1.5
Sound 2.0 2.5
Gameplay/Control 1.0 1.0
Longevity/Playability 1.0 0.5
Overall 1.5 1.5
Total 7.5 7.0